J. Pat Burleson talks about his experience with Bruce Lee

America’s Best Martial Arts Business has a legacy of fostering success throughout the country as the most innovative business model in the martial arts industry.  According to Grand Master J. Pat Burleson, “While America’s Best is first and foremost for the students, it is also the most profitable model available today.”

When we asked him to share a few of his own stories, he told us three real life scenarios that resonate rich life lessons and the perpetual joy of friendship.


My friend Bruce Lee

“Bruce Lee lived martial arts every day! He could do things in the martial arts that others could not. He was very friendly and outgoing and usually the center of attention. We met after the national championships in 1964 during a dinner. Because I had just won the championship, he immediately challenged me.

He said, “I want to challenge you to an arm wrestling match.”

I thought this guy barely weighs 120 pounds soaking wet. This will be simple, and I immediately accepted his challenge.

Then he said, “But we’re going to arm wrestle — Chinese style.”

I agreed since I really thought I could take him any way that he wanted to wrestle. At the time, I weighed about 225 pounds to his 120 pounds.  So we got to it, and I will confess that trying to twist his arm was like trying to twist a piece of steel!

He looked at me and smiled while I was giving it all I had. Then he just dumped me over like it was nothing at all. He was quite a martial artist– the best I’ve ever seen. Yet with skill that masterful, he was always very warm and friendly — the kind of guy everyone wanted to meet.”

J. Pat Burleson

Known as America’s karate pioneer, J. Pat Burleson won the 1st U.S. Karate Championship in 1964. He also holds the highest American Taekwondo ranking under the “father” of American Taekwondo, Jhoon Rhee. So when it comes to a proven business model for the martial arts industry, Burleson knows what works best. One question he often asks martial arts business owners is not only a huge motivator, but also based on years of proven results.

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