Changing The Game!

From Restaurants to Martial Arts Schools

California Board Chi'sLobbyDisplay2 Have you ever walked in a restaurant and tried to order without a menu? That’s exactly what’s happening every time a new potential student walks through your doors.

That’s where the America’s Best Menu Sales System comes in-making
the initial sale easier and driving future sales and upgrades.

Top names in the industry, include: J. Pat Burleson, Joe Corley, Stephen Oliver, Charles Chi, John Graham, Clint Robinson, Jason Wadley, Apolo Ladra and many, many more are already using this unique and effective sales system.

What is the America’s Best Martial Arts Business System – and how will it benefit me?

An additional Black Belt Display that will encourage your students to upgrade into your highest level program.

When you choose to use the America’s best menu sales system, you also get:

A. Team Concept. Bring excitement to the classroom with coordinating uniforms and programs that unify them as a group.

B. KnockOut WorkOut. Encourage upgrades with a circuit training program set to music that is exclusive for students in your mid and upper level programs.

C. Life Skills Leadership Program. Students earn stars on their belts as they progress through this easy to manage program. This program is loved by
parents and school teachers alike!

D. Student Achievement Program. Reward students with a patch program recognizing their work inside and outside the classroom. From Best Kick to
Academic Achiever, students will beg to join your highest level program!

E. Marketing materials to take and make your own,and print where and how you choose!

I already have my own system, why use this one?
By all means keep doing the programs that are working well for you and remove those that are stagnant.

The menu system is not meant to completely replace your system. It’s purpose is to compliment your preferred system and possibly help build new
ones based on proven, revenue generating programs. That’s why so many pioneers in our field are using it. They keep what’s working, throw out what’s
not and are left with brand new, visually stunning packages to offer their students.

I’m already paying a consultant to help me with my business.
Great! It’s wise to have a mentor and pay them well. There are many good consultants and industry leaders out there to work with, like MAIA, NAPMA, United
Professionals, and the Educational Funding Company,just to name a few. America’s Best Martial Arts Business is not a consulting company. We are strictly a
Menu Sales System that ties together all of your revenue generating programs.


Most school owners choose to use the America’s Best Menu Sales System because it brings more “meat” to the programs they already offer.But if you’re happy with your current programs, you might choose to just purchase the customized Sales Menus only.You would receive the 3 x 6 full-color sales board, customized to your school, to display in your lobby.Dry-Erase Student Tracking Chart to help you bettertrack and test more students. Black Belt Display – Helps encourage upgrades
into your highest level program by displaying their students “future black belt” in the lobby.

Don’t start from scratch – use one of our templates to help tell YOUR story to new and current students, and make the new sell and upgrade easier!
Only $795 !

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